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Never Fear : Phobias

by Richard Devin; F Paul Wilson; Heather Graham; Elle J Rossi; Thomas F Monteleone; Laura Harner; Crystal Perkins; Lance Taubold; E McCarthy; Michael Koogler; Mathew Kaufman; Connie Corcoran Wilson; Aidan Russell; Ed DeAngelis; Jeff DePew; Don Marlowe; Holly Prentiss; Casey Parsons; Jason Pozzessere

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Selected story summaries   (2018-08-25)


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by billborre

"Astraphobia Fear of Lightning" by F. Paul Wilson - Two people who have both lost children, one to cancer and the other to a killer, get together when the woman reveals to the doctor that she sees her dead son after being hit by lightning. She feels guilt that the boy died when she turned the breaker off during a storm to shut off his life sustaining equipment as a mercy killing. When she tells the doctor that he appears about fifty yards away each lightning strike he reasons that maybe he is still in the house where he died. They go there and set up a lightning rod and when the woman is hit this time she dies. The doctor travels to Italy where his daughter got her throat cut and heads into a storm in the area she died. He figures that he just wants to see if her throat has healed and this will grant him peace but the restraining cord he had bound his body to the roof breaks and he falls to his death.

"Necrophobia Fear of Dead Things" by Laura Harner - Hannah's boss Monica has a cousin named Stu who's a therapist. Monica sets up Hannah and Stu because Hannah has a fear of dead things which causes her to drive out of her way going to work so she can avoid the cemetery. Stu gets Hannah to tell him that the source of the fear is a car accident she had on prom night where she had spent days trapped in water with the corpse of the boy until she was rescued. She tells Stu that at first the boy's eyes were just dead but shortly before she was rescued they began to glow. Stu reveals to Hannah that he is a high-functioning zombie which keeps humans safe from low-functioning brain eaters while they absorb life energy.

"Coulrophobia Fear of Clowns" by Michael Koogler - Devon is abducted and stabbed by a serial killer dressed as a clown. The experience gives him a lifelong fear of clowns which he attempts to overcome by enrolling in a government research program. Devon is unaware the military wishes to weaponize the combination of an individual's fear and nanite bodily changes to create a dangerous monster. Devon becomes his greatest fear and murders his wife and daughter. The project takes custody of Devon after his arrest. A Russian agent compromises the research facility and murders the project coordinator, then he releases Devon upon the unsuspecting American public.

"Taphophobia Fear of Being Buried Alive" by E. McCarthy - Eric suggests to Natalie that they go to a cemetery with an open grave so that she can get over her taphophobia while he gets over his fear of committing to marry her but he doesn't tell her is that the fear he's really trying to get over is his fear of committing to kill her.

"Thantophobia Fear of Losing Someone" by Thomas F. Monteleone - A father goes insane with grief when he loses his daughter at three months old to SIDS, concocting an elaborate fantasy that the girl never died and he has been overly protective of her for the past ten years.

"Agateophobia Fear of Insanity" by Mathew Kaufman - Frank the plumber is so disturbed by his latest assignment to unclog the toilets at a sanitarium that he ends up being committed and joining the other inmates. 

"Chiroptophobia Fear of Bats" by Don Marlowe - Young Bruce Wayne discusses his ventures into the batcave to overcome his fear of bats from the time that he fell in when he was ten years old. 

"Aichmophobia Fear of Sharp Objects" by Richard Devin - Kurt obsesses over the sharpness of knives and uses them to harm himself and his wife and newborn.




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