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Horror library. Volume 5

by R J Cavender; Boyd E Harris;

  Print book : Fiction  |  First edition

Selected story summaries   (2018-12-11)


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by billborre

"Noise" by Sanford Allen - Rachel is given a flyer by an odd character she refers to as Radio Man about attending a concert. Rachel doesn't want to go but her friend Rat encourages her and she figures her plugs will help her get through it since Rat offers to pay. When they arrive that night at the difficult to find address and inquire about the charge they are cryptically told the show begins at midnight and shown down into the basement. Terrible noise plays and disturbing film images are shown on screen that Rachel still has difficulty blocking out by putting cigarette filters into her ears and the plugs back in over them. Rat is entranced by the music and ignores her when she wants to leave. The audience moves towards the screen and produce an opening behind which is a tentacled monstrosity that pulls Rat and others into its gaping maw. Rachel makes her way back up the stairs and, despite being accosted by Radio Man, manages to escape the basement.

"Ambrosia" by Dev Jarrett - A creature which feeds on the emotional states of others comes across an attempted rape in the park. Although he can feed on both the emotions of the girl and her tormentors he enjoys terror more as fear magnifies. After inhaling her terror, he steps out of the shadows and exhales the girl's terror into the rapist thug. The girl's terror is increased even more when magnified through him and he flees gibbering in horror. The creature pulls the girl behind him and exhales the thug's magnified terror onto the remaining thugs, further increasing the intensity of the emotion. They flee the scene as well and the creature is surprised to learn that it is not completely full when he tells the girl that she is safe now and can return home. The creature finds her stunned relief delicious.

"Footprints Fading in the Desert" by Eric J. Guignard - Lisa survives a plane crash in the desert which kills her husband but encounters a ghost who brings her back to his dead family imploring her for aid. She tells the ghost she is dying and can't help. The ghost leaves her with the skeletons of his family and others he has lured to the same spot over the years and sets out over the sand once more seeking aid.

"Whispers in the Wax" by Tonia Brown - Oliver the occultist wants to build a type of phonograph that will allow him to communicate with a spirit named Mas'ud Nasir who was reported to have discovered the components of the Philosopher's Stone. Unfortunately the spirit is uncooperative and after warning him a couple times ultimately uses his power over the dead to murder Oliver.

"Bad Seed" by Anne Michaud - A nurse working in an asylum is disturbed by plans to lobotomize a patient that she has come to think of as not mentally ill but being raped by ghosts. When the patient ultimately hangs herself the nurse is startled to hear a voice behind her pronouncing "Now it's your turn."

"The Vulture's Art" by Benjamin Kane Ethridge - Jeff and his newborn daughter Rose head out to a desert cabin where they encounter vultures that can accelerate time in an attempt to prematurely age their prey and hasten their mealtime.

"Snow Globe" by Adam Howe - A drifter kills a shopkeeper with a snow globe when she startles him from behind and he attempts to flee the small town only to discover that he has been imprisoned within a snow globe.

"Almost Home" by Kevin Lucia - A suicide haunts herself after she kills herself and her little boy. 




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